• Color steel plate

    Color steel plate

    It has become a color coated steel plate, which is a kind of organic coated steel plate. The substrates of color steel plates are
  • Steel structure engineering

    Steel structure engineering

    my country's steel structure engineering equipment technology is more and more researched and developed, and it is also one of the
  • Floor Deck

    Floor Deck

    Architectural profiled steel sheet) is made of galvanized steel sheet by cold rolling and bending, and its cross section is V-shap
  • Container mobile house

    Container mobile house

    It is a very new residential system built with floor decks, which can be transferred to various places anytime and anywhere, makin
  • Daylighting board

    Daylighting board

    The function is very similar to the glass products that we usually use, which can facilitate the lighting of our roof. It is compo
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    It is a polyurethane insulation sandwich panel for construction, also known as leak-proof sandwich roof panel, polyurethane rigid
  • Rock wool sandwich panel

    Rock wool sandwich panel

    It is a sandwich panel made of rock wool as raw material, and the upper and lower plates are made of stainless steel. It has remar
  • Shear bending

    Shear bending

    Machining refers to the process of bending a stainless steel workpiece by a shear bending machine to change the angle of the plate
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