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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of CNC cutting

Many customers inevitably encounter abnormal situations when using CNC cutting. So, how should we check for these failures in time when encountering these situations? The following editor proposes the following solutions for the troubleshooting and troubleshooting of CNC cutting for your reference:

1. If the CNC system is abnormal, check whether the power supply system of the cutting machine is normal. In many cases, the cutting machine cannot work normally, mainly because the internal power supply (electric control box) and connectors of the CNC system are in poor contact. First, turn off the system power. According to the internal interface of the computer, the connection between the computer and the servo drive, the connection between the computer and the numerical control system I/O, the connection between the motion control axis card and the servo drive, and the connection of various components, carefully check the processing plug and find Problem and solve.

2. If the mechanical motion part of the cutting machine is abnormal, check the mechanical motion part first, such as: the appearance and characteristics of the machine tool's guide rail, gear, rack, linear guide, ball screw, slider, reducer and other transmission components (sound ) Whether it is normal or not, the usual maintenance should be timely. The cutting machine should be filled with lubricating oil according to the machine tool manual, especially the X-direction rack and track of the machine tool. Workers are required to clean and maintain the machine before and after the shift to ensure that the machine is normal.

3. If there is vibration, abnormal noise, jamming, etc. during the operation of the mechanical part, carefully check whether the moving part of the equipment is blocked by waste, welding slag or debris, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.

4. During the normal operation of the cutting machine, if there are abnormal conditions such as sparks, abnormal noises, and odors, press the emergency stop switch set on the operation console in time, and provide and retain the "fault reproduction" at the operation site. These are important basis for us to find out the fault. When we find the true source of the failure, we can deal with it.

5. In CNC cutting, when the length error (greater than 3-5mm) of the cutting workpiece occurs, the cutting torch (plasma or flame) of the machine tool may not be in the standard position, or the cutting torch is not straight, or the length of the cutting torch is wrong, or "cutting" The setting machine parameter of "distance from torch to tube surface" is inconsistent with actual value.

The above is an explanation of the faults that are prone to CNC cutting and the corresponding troubleshooting methods. I hope to help you in the actual operation.