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The main points of the welding process of the spherical grid

Let’s chat with you in this issueSpherical gridThe main points of the welding process construction. This is a question that is more concerned with many users. In addition, if the majority of new customers are interested, you can take a moment to take a look at it in detail. Maybe it will be in the future construction. It's helpful to everyone, let's take a look at how the article explains it:

1. Welding process design

Determine the welding method, welding parameters, welding rod, welding wire, flux specifications and models.

2. Welding rod baking

Welding rods and powder-cored welding wires need to be baked according to the quality requirements before use. After baking, put the low-hydrogen type welding rods in the incubator and take them for use.

3. Positioning spot welding

The welding structure should determine the exact position of the parts during splicing and assembly, and spot welding should be carried out first. The length and thickness of tack welding shall be determined by calculation. The current should be increased by 10%-15% compared to the formal welding, and the spot welding position should avoid stress concentration at the ends and corners of the component.

4. Preheat before welding

Preheating can reduce the cooling rate of the heat-affected zone and prevent cracks from delaying welding. The preheating zone should be on both sides of the weld, and the width of each side should be greater than 1.5 times the thickness of the weldment and not less than 100mm.

5. Determining the welding sequence

Generally expand from the center of the weldment to the surroundings, first weld the welds with larger shrinkage, and then weld the welds with smaller shrinkage, and apply the welding as symmetrically as possible. When the welds intersect, the longitudinal welds are welded first, and then welded after cooling to room temperature. For transverse welds, when the steel plate is thick, the welding should be carried out in layers.

6. Post-weld heat treatment

Post-weld heat treatment is mainly to dehydrogenate the weld to prevent cold cracks. Post-heat treatment is performed immediately after welding, and the holding time is determined according to the plate thickness for 1 hour per 25mm. Pre-heating and post-heating can be carried out using a firing flame gun.

This is the end of this issue about the construction points of the spherical grid welding process. I hope that from the above explanation, you can gain something. In addition, our company undertakes all related engineering constructions, including the production of components. Because of the professional equipment, professional construction team, and professional technical personnel, it will be a good choice for you.