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Main points of steel structure installation

Steel structure manufacturers are not only responsible for the design and production of various accessories during the construction process, but also for the overall installation of the structure. Usually, before construction, all aspects of measurement and pre-installation demonstration are required to ensure that there are no problems during the construction process. So in the process of steel structure installation, what are the main points that need to be paid attention to? Specifically include the following points:

1. The prefabrication of steel components should be prefabricated and assembled on the steel platform according to the installation sequence and process requirements, and the welding quality should be guaranteed.

2. The distance between the wing panel splicing seam and the web splicing seam should be greater than 200mm. The splicing length of the wings is not less than 2 times the width of the board; the splicing width of the web is not less than 300mm, and the splicing length is not less than 600mm.

3. In order to facilitate welding and ensure welding quality, the reinforcement plates, connecting plates, bottom plates, and cantilever beams (beams) on the columns and beams should be assembled on the ground steel platform according to the dimensions of the construction drawings.

4. The steel components prefabricated on the steel platform should be manufactured and assembled according to the construction drawings and specifications, and the changes in the on-site installation process and installation dimensions should also be considered.

5. After the installation is completed, measure and test all aspects to ensure safety.

In summary, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the key points of steel structure installation. Professionals should conduct unified command during the installation process, so as to avoid various errors and emergencies during the installation process and ensure the construction Safety. The weather has gradually warmed up, and various engineering constructions have begun again, and steel structure engineering is no exception. If there is a user who needs to carry out construction, please contact our company, and there will be a professional construction team to serve you.