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What adjustments need to be made during the bending of large shears

For large workpiecesShear bending processingWhen, what adjustments need to be made? Everyone may not know this problem well, and there will be some doubts. Just in this issue, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to see which aspects need to be adjusted during the bending of large shear plates. The specific content is as follows:

1. Adjust the bending angle: Turn the scale sleeve clockwise (or counterclockwise) with the lower stroke adjustment device, the lower stroke stop position of the slider rises (or falls), and the bending angle increases (or falls).

2. Adjustment of the upper stroke length: use the stroke switch to adjust the stroke length. When the stroke increases, loosen the handle at the right end of the slider, lower the impactor a certain distance, and then lock the handle. When the stroke is adjusted to be small, loosen the handle, raise the buffer block for a certain distance, and then lock the handle.

3. Press brake pressure adjustment: The press brake pressure can be steplessly adjusted according to the required bending pressure of the workpiece. After the upper and lower molds are in contact, the bending pressure can be changed by turning the safety valve handle. When the required value is reached, Lock the handle. The pressure of the bending machine can be indicated by the pressure gauge, and the working pressure of the safety valve is generally set to 250kg/cm2.

4. Select the knife edge of the upper die and adjust the knife groove of the lower die.

a) According to the fillet radius, length and bending shape marked on the part drawing, select the upper die edge and fix it on the upper tool holder.

b) According to the material thickness of the part, select the slot of the lower die (generally, the width of the lower die is 8 times the material thickness). Turn the lower die slot, make the applicable slot face up, put the lower die knife edge on the lower die pad iron, start the bending machine, let the upper die knife edge slowly fall into the lower die slot, adjust the front and back position of the lower die , Use the adjusting screw to adjust the position of the lower die slot on the lower die pad iron until it is suitable.

5. Adjust the positioning size: adjust the positioning size, that is, adjust the position of the rear stopper. The method is: turn the handle to move the support plate back and forth, and adjust the extension length of the stop bar appropriately to make the bending size of the part meet the requirements of the drawing.

It can be seen that when performing shearing and bending processing of large workpieces, the above-mentioned adjustments need to be made to ensure the normal and reasonable production of processed parts. If you feel that you can't find a good processing factory, or have problems, you can contact Longhaoda at any time to provide you with processing and other series of help. Finally, thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please consult. See you in the next article.