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Preparation work before construction of steel structure factory building

Steel structureDue to its advantages of high strength, low cost, and fast construction speed, the workshop has been widely used in workshops all over the world. Now let’s talk about the preparatory work before the construction of the steel structure factory building:

1. Do a good job in design and planning

The construction technology of the steel structure factory building increases the difficulty of construction, and the basic requirements for quality control in different regions are different, which makes the later construction difficult. Therefore, in order to improve the quality control level of the entire construction process, we must first do a good job in design and planning. Before designing, we should do a site visit. Considering the various aspects of the planning content, it is necessary to communicate with the construction party and carry out construction and planning based on the opinions of both parties. The content of the plan includes the content of quality control, cost control and schedule control of the construction process.

2. Strengthen the review of design drawings

The review of design drawings is an important guarantee for the realization of planning and practical application in construction. At present, some small enterprises in our country do not have the corresponding review qualifications during the steel structure construction process, so they can only construct according to the drawings. However, during the construction process, if the specific conditions of the design and construction are inconsistent, and not reported in time, serious quality problems will occur frequently. In order to solve this problem, companies should set up a special quality management department to do a good job in reviewing design drawings. If the company itself does not have the qualifications and technical level of the review, it can entrust a third party to conduct design review to establish a good connection between the construction process and the design; avoid subsequent troubles.

3. Material procurement is the focus

Material procurement is the central link of the entire building quality control. The quality control of steel should not be limited to the production certificate. The element content of steel materials, including phosphorus and sulfur, should also be monitored, because the presence of these two elements will reduce the total mechanical strength of the material, which is not conducive to the effectiveness of subsequent quality control.

The preparatory work before the construction of the steel structure workshop is introduced here. The content is relatively brief. If you have any doubts about the construction process and want to know more, you can call our company for detailed consultation at any time, and we will give answers.