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Precautions for shearing bending processing

Shearing bending processing is a kind of sheet metal processing. Due to its high processing accuracy, special shears and bending machines are required for operation. Since the machine will be used for processing operations, it is necessary to know what precautions should be taken in the operation. Next, let’s introduce some precautions for shear bending processing:

First of all, when we are processing, we must first check whether the various parts of our shears and bending machines are normal, whether the electrical equipment is in good condition, and the lubrication system also needs to be checked. In order to avoid the interference of these sundries in our board cutting process, it is necessary to remove the table and whether there are tools and other sundries around.

Secondly, we must understand that the shearing and bending machine cannot be operated alone, because the machine needs to control the size and the accuracy of feeding and receiving. This requires two or three of us to coordinate and determine a person in charge. This is very beneficial to the shear bending process, and it can be a bit simpler.

Finally, the fingers of the relevant operators should be at least 20 cm away from the cut, which can prevent some safety accidents from happening. Because the protective fence installed on the shearing machine cannot completely block the operator's hand, and the bottom material produced during the processing has edges and corners, the operator should clean it in time to prevent stab wounds and cuts.

The precautions for shear bending processing are basically the points mentioned above. For more details and precautions, you can consult our company at any time if you encounter problems that cannot be solved during the processing.