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Construction quality control of steel structure engineering

When carrying out steel structure construction, every link must be strictly controlled to ensure that the project is completed on time and the construction quality. Let’s take a look at the quality control issues in steel structure construction:

1. Strengthen the joint review of construction drawings. Drawings are the foundation of project construction. Before starting construction, control personnel should be organized to be familiar with project drawings and project-related specifications, standards, processes, and technical conditions, and fully understand the design intent.

2. Design review of installation and construction organization. This is a technical document for the construction unit to guide the implementation of the project, and its perfection directly affects the quality and progress of the project. Therefore, the review on one side should be targeted.

3. Quality control of basic engineering. The foundation of the project generally uses concrete independent columns. The construction techniques and methods of foundation concrete, steel bars and formwork are the same as other projects. The embedded bolts in the independent column of the foundation are the focus of quality control. The distance and height deviation between a single bolt and each group of bolts directly affect the installation quality of the project, so the construction unit is required to strictly control.

4. Quality control of steel component installation. When installing columns and beams, focus on checking whether the shim under the column bottom plate is firm and flat, whether the column is vertical and displaced, whether the beam is vertical, straight, or horizontally bent, the degree of bolt tightening, and the friction surface cleaning. Hoisting can only be carried out after passing the inspection and acceptance. When it is installed as a space fixed unit and the acceptance is qualified, the construction unit needs to pour the space between the column bottom plate and the top surface of the foundation with expansive concrete.

5. Quality control of bolt installation. In steel structure engineering, high-strength bolts and ordinary bolts are generally used for bolt connection. For ordinary bolt connection, one end of each bolt shall not be filled with more than 2 washers, the bolt hole shall not be expanded by gas cutting, and the exposed thread shall not be less than 2 after the bolt is tightened; Before using high-strength bolts, we need to check the qualification certificate and re-inspection form of the bolts. During the installation process, the contact surface of the plate stack should be flat, the contact surface should be greater than 75%, and the edge gap should not be greater than 0.8mm. High-strength bolts should be able to penetrate freely without knocking or reaming.

In the construction of steel structure projects, it is required to strictly control the construction progress of the project. At the same time, engineers must do a good job in quality control and truly play the role of quality control, so as to ensure the overall construction quality of the steel structure project and improve the overall construction progress. Well, the content of this issue will be shared with everyone here. Remember, Long Haoda is here for steel structure construction!