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External structure of CNC cutting

Numerical control cutting is widely used in industry. In terms of working principle, numerical control cutting is more automated than hand-held cutting and profiling cutting, and the processing efficiency has also been improved. So what are the structures of CNC cutting? Next, we will explain in detail.

1. The external structure of CNC cutting generally includes a large frame, frame and cutting torch, horizontal and longitudinal drive gearbox, cutting torch lifting device, cutting torch clamping mechanism, etc., but the installation is very important.

2. The large frame includes beams, main end beams, auxiliary end beams, longitudinal gearboxes, etc. The large frame is a whole and can only be hoisted as a whole. During the hoisting process, the safety and reliability of the hoisting must be ensured. Therefore, before hoisting, check whether the lifting tools such as lifting beams are in good condition. During the hoisting process, avoid bending and distortion of the frame.

3. The side guide roller is fixed on one side and adjustable on the other side. In order to make the CNC cutting frame easy to fall on the guide rail, the disc spring must be loosened first to make the distance between the fixed roller and the roller as large as possible.

4. Open the housing of the longitudinal gearbox, disconnect the screws and springs used to compress the gearbox, swing the gearbox to a certain angle, and then block the solid block to prevent it from rotating, so that the collision between the gear and the guide frame can be effectively avoided during installation.

5. When using a lifting tool to lift a large frame, clean the surface of the drum with a cleaning agent. After cleaning, it should be slowly lowered and placed on the longitudinal guide rail. During this process, special personnel should be assigned to observe the four corners of the large frame, and special personnel should be in the middle to command. When approaching the guide rail, move the rollers, pay attention to the side where the side guide wheels fall, and do not touch the surface of the guide rail.

6. After the large frame is installed, you must see the contact between the front and rear guide wheels of the main end beam and the guide rail, and press down the disc spring to make the main end beam side guide wheels and the guide rail contact well to ensure good frame guidance.

The above six points are aimed at the explanation of the external structure of CNC cutting, which can give you a more comprehensive understanding of CNC cutting. For more relevant and exciting information, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up dynamic updates of the website.