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Fire prevention measures for color steel profiled plates

Color steel profiled boardIt is an organic coated board. Due to its light weight, bright color, heat preservation, and quick installation, it is currently used very frequently in the construction market. Because the board needs heat preservation and heat insulation, many buildings use almost sandwich steel plates. , But sandwich steel plates are often flammable materials, so more attention should be paid to fire prevention, so let’s introduce the fire prevention measures of color steel profiled plates.

1. The profiled steel plate with asbestos board and fireproof cotton as filler can meet the fire safety requirements of the construction site if it meets the requirements of Class A fire resistance.

2. During use, some heat and fire sources should not be close to the profiled steel plate and keep a certain distance. If you want to install a kitchen in the profiled steel room, you need to have an insulation layer, and the wall should be set with a fireproof rock wool insulation layer .

3. Wires and cables cannot be worn in the steel plate. If they must be worn, a protective cover should be added. The sockets and switch boxes should be metal galvanized boxes and surface mounted. Simple fire-fighting equipment should be equipped indoors and outdoors, and fire alarms should be installed when possible to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel.

4. A safe distance of at least 6m should be maintained between the profiled steel plates, and no barriers that violate regulations such as iron fences and billboards that affect escape, fire fighting and rescue should be set up.

5. Profiled steel plates lower than A-level requirements shall not be used in densely populated places; profiled steel plates lower than A-level requirements shall not be used in densely populated places, and shall not pass the fire protection design review, acceptance or random inspection. It shall be temporarily sealed and ordered to be changed. The modified ones need to be removed.

The above are the precautions for fire prevention of colored steel profiled plates. In actual use, we still need to equip a complete set of fire-fighting equipment and pay attention to the above items to avoid fire accidents. If you want to know more, you are welcome to consult and we will serve you wholeheartedly.