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Selection principle of floor deck thickness

Generally speaking, there is no standard thickness choice for floor decks. In fact, the choice of floor thickness mainly depends on the thickness of the floor and the spacing of the secondary beams. This calculation has technical content and is calculated based on the relevant data such as the section modulus and the section moment of inertia of the steel floor. Next, Long Haoda will briefly explain the basis of judgment under normal circumstances:

1. Bearing plate of open floor. The board is mainly used as a template, and it is required that there is no rust during the construction phase and no collapse or deformation during the construction phase. Generally speaking, galvanizing is not less than 80g, but due to market competition, some steel mills produce only 40g products, and some design institutes do not require galvanizing content in architectural design, which also boosts ordinary galvanized coils. Wood is widely used in various small buildings.

2. Bearing slab of closed building. As part of the floor bearing capacity, the design institute will have material requirements and zinc content requirements (Q345B material, 275g) in use. But in fact, some of our customers will reduce the material requirements in their selection.

3. Under normal circumstances, the span between steel beams is less than 2m, and the floor thickness is 0.75-0.8mm;

4. The thickness of 2-2.5m floor slab is 0.8-1.0mm;

5. When the span is 3-4 meters, the floor thickness is 1.5mm, and when the span is greater than 5 meters, temporary support shall be adopted.

The above is only considered from the perspective of the thickness of the floor deck, without fully considering factors such as plate type and strength. Another factor that is easy to overlook is that the quality of the screws also determines the thickness of the floor. The better the screws, the stronger the bearing capacity of the floor.

Well, the knowledge about floor decks in this issue is introduced here. Our company is a professional manufacturer of floor decks with rich production and construction experience. If necessary, we can provide you with professional knowledge explanations.