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Spherical grid installation method

With the gradual increase in the number of users of the spherical grid, its social status has also emerged. At this time, we need to make a more reasonable layout of the progress and processing methods of the grid construction to ensure how to improve the grid. The processing speed of this is a top priority, so the installation of the grid is a very important link. This article briefly introduces the safety methods of spherical grid construction:

1. Overall hoisting method

The overall hoisting method of the grid structure is to construct the grid structure on the ground for splicing. The overall hoisting needs to be strictly synchronized. If the suspension difference between the fulcrums will have a great impact, when the structural column is used as a supporting structure for hoisting, it should be Pay attention to the stability of the column during the lifting process.

2. Overall promotion method

The overall lifting method refers to a construction method in which lifting equipment is installed on the structural column to lift the net frame, or the column sliding method is used when the net frame is lifted. At this time, the grid can be used as an operating platform. The overall lifting can be divided into single lifting net frame method, hanging beam lifting net method, and lifting net sliding mode method.

3. High-altitude bulk method

The high-altitude bulk method refers to the method of directly assembling small assembly units or parts (single member, single node) at the design position. The high-altitude bulk method can be divided into full support method and cantilever method.

4. Block installation method

The block installation method refers to the installation method in which the grid is divided into strip or block units, which are respectively lifted to high altitude by a crane, designed in place, and then assembled into a whole installation method.

The above is the expansive explanation of the four installation methods of the spherical grid in this issue. You can choose according to your own situation during the construction. If you need help, you can contact our company staff at any time.