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Baotou Longhaoda Steel Structure Color Plate Co., Ltd. is located in Baotou, the steel city of Inner Mongolia. It is a large steel structure engineering company integrating steel structure design, production and installation. The company undertakes: steel structure engineering, spherical grid frame, glass curtain wall, spherical grid frame, heavy steel structure, pipe truss, coal chemical process platform, pipe gallery, color steel profiled board project. Adhere to the development strategy of "standardization of processing, specialization of construction, integration of engineering, highlighting specialty, and strengthening the construction industry", and strive to become a conscientious enterprise in Inner Mongolia's construction industry. The company adheres to the spirit of" innovation, pragmatism, unity, and professionalism; adheres to the" people-oriented, honesty and" building life with heart" philosophy; adheres to the" survival by quality, Seek benefit by service" purpose. Boldly innovate, forge ahead, maintain a steady, healthy and rapid development trend, and have achieved good economic and social benefits. Every success is condensed with the hard work of many Longhaoda people, and each leap shows the strength of hard work. Longhaoda people use wisdom to carve history and decorate success with honor.

  —Long Haoda Business Service—

Longhaoda steel structure has a rich variety of enclosure product series and diversified product structures. The combination of steel structure and enclosure panels reflects the prefabricated advantages, providing customers with structural buildings, enclosure panels, light houses, daylighting roofs, etc. A one-stop complete engineering solution integrating engineering design, manufacturing production, and construction management! At every stage of every construction project, Longhaoda ensures that the manufacturing, function and technical support of its products meet the qualified standards. Long Haoda has always adhered to quality assurance and craftsmanship, and has established a one-stop rapid response system integrating marketing, design, manufacturing, construction and service.

  —Long Haoda Design—

The company has an independent and complete steel structure optimization system, mature node details and a complete set of standardized installation procedures. It has advanced heavy steel structures, grids, reticulated shells, tube truss and cable membrane structures, multi-layer frame design software, and drawing equipment. . The company regularly conducts technical exchanges, not only to ensure that the grid and steel structure are economically reasonable, flexible and diverse in the design and calculation stages, but also to be a fixed-point practice base for the above scientific research units. Regardless of structural design and manufacturing or construction services, whether structural design engineers or detailed design engineers, not only provide you with a personalized architectural shape design, but also provide users with optimized designs with low steel consumption and provide suitable factory environment solutions.

—Long Haoda Lean Manufacturing—

Professional production equipment and processing technology are the guarantee for the production of qualified products. The company's steel structure production is equipped with multiple multi-head CNC cutting machines, hydraulic assembly machines, gantry submerged arc welding machines, flange straightening machines, large shot blasting machines and automatic spraying machines. The net frame manufacturing has a domestic professional automatic production line consisting of a collection of materials, hydraulic clamping systems, and automatic gas shielded welding, and is equipped with a net frame shot blasting machine and spraying and spraying equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with corresponding production lines for the manufacture of special-shaped components such as tube trusses and box columns.

 —Long Haoda's future ideals —

Long Haoda will take customer needs as the goal and market win-win as the goal, gather professional steel structure industry talents, and continue to be at the forefront of steel structure technology and aesthetics, and contribute satisfactory projects to the society, and will cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life. Work hand in hand to strive to build a market position for steel structure construction and Longhaoda fights for success!

Long Haoda is trustworthy because of its professionalism!